Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The tea made me do it!

        Can I procrastinate or what? My last post was back in.........back in.....well, lets just say it's been a while. It's not as if I've done nothing... I have!... I've been learning and finding all sorts of new tricks about blogging .Lately though, it seems like the little whispers the universe sends out to us to nudge us down the right path, have been slowly building to a roar. This topped off with the continuous encouragements and kind reminders from my BFF and my family to get to it.
        I think, or I should say, I KNOW why I have shied away from my blog. It's because I have not practiced any of what I have preached in my last post. Not only have I not lost a single pound, I have barely exercised and I am still hanging with that bitchy inner critic chick. I have even given her a promotion with a laptop, free wi-fi, and her very own twitter account. That way she can keep me updated on my sad sorry state in real time.

        While practicing one of my favorite procrastination exercises (surfing the web) I checked out this fellow blogger site. I had discovered her while reading a magazine (another fantastic distraction) called Artful Blogging. Her blog "Life Set to Words" is stunning. I was struck by a post she had written about a quote she had read on a yogi tea bag .
                                             -Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing.

        I love that quote. It reminded me that all we do moment by moment is important. Even those not so memorable or honorable ones. It reminds me that denial and procrastination are just the kind of fuel that lil' Mrs. critic bitch need to fuel my fear of failure fire....or is it fear of success ? I am still not so sure about that one. What I am sure about, is that I need to shake that stuff off. Tell that critic women to shut the hell up , feel the fear and then do it any way.

        The events of my morning really sums up the whispering to screaming universe thing I talked about earlier.

  •         6:30 am . Sat down with morning coffee at the computer to check in with my facebook peeps. My BFF has left me a comment on my post the night before telling me she got a kick out of it and said, I quote "you should get back to blogging already!"
  •         9 am. My hubbie calls during his coffee break. While we were chatting he says " that is SO true, you should put that in your blog."
  •         10:30 am. (this is the cherry on the screaming universe cake) I make my mid morning cup of tea. When I flip the tag I have to laugh.......
                                            - Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing.   

        OK ...OK ... I get the hint!... I drank my tea.... picked up my pen and began to write.                          


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Atta girl!!!